Thursday, January 14, 2010

Test Tiles in Kiln Today

The new glazes arrived earlier this week so I have been glazing some test tiles I made last week from porcelain and stoneware clay. Today, I am firing the kiln. It always amazes me to see the color of the glazes before they are fired. Some that look very burnt orange will actually turn out denim blue or burgundy, some that are dark gray will turn out blue, some that are light brown muck colors will be beautiful greens or pinks. I am always excited to fire the kiln knowing that tomorrow when I open the kiln, I will have an array of colors inside. I am expecting about 29 new colors to reveal themselves tomorrow morning. I am hopeful that all 29 colors will be spectacular. I am very excited to see the pinks. I really need a good pink glaze. I have been looking for one that is semi-opaque to transparent. These have a tendency to flow nicely over textures. Check back tomorrow and we will open the kiln together.

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