Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Beloved Tasha


3/24/94 to 10/23/08

Oct. 23rd was a sad day in the studio and the Isley household. We lost our wonderful salt & pepper minature schnauzer, Tasha or as I liked to call her, Tasmanian Tasha, because she was a wild girl. She loved to jump like a rabbit when she ran and tell her brother Samson that she was the boss. Tasha was with us for 14 years. It was sad to see her age. She had dementia, had lost her hearing and her eyesight was very poor. Her sense of smell had failed her, she had lost alot of teeth which made eating a difficult challenge. But, she lived a long and wonderful life. She will be missed by all family members. Thank you for coming into our lives.

TGL Designs at the Carolina Home Show & Sale

TGL Designs has been busy over the last several months. For the month of October, I worked the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC setting up a showroom and running that showroom during the market. It is an exhausting but rewarding time. Not only do I get to catch up with friends from across the country, since I only get to see them every six months, but I also get to share my jewelry designs with them and sell.

The Carolina Home Show at Hawk Spirit Studio in Reidsville, NC is a great show. It is usually the first full weekend of November. Bill and Susan Moore have done a fantastic job over the last 13 years building it up. Sixty-five or more artisans are represented here. The studio building is loaded with pottery, photography, paintings, stained glass, and turned wood just to name a few. The outside vendors include jewelry, handmade soaps, steel sculptures, garden accents, hand spun and woven textiles and even this year a wine tasting booth. The first photo is of the studio building. The second is of some outdoor vendors and the last photo is of TGL Designs humble abode for the weekend.

After I recovered from the show I had to get ready for the a holiday tea at my church on Friday night. I will post pictures in the next blog. I also had to get ready for a show on Sunday ,in Greensboro at the Farmer's Market downtown. Each year they host a Holiday Arts & Crafts show. I was in a tent outside. The tent space was great but the weather that day was terrible. The winds were high. One vendor's tent totally blew away. My tent was eventually tied to our van, after being weighted with 25lb bags of clay.

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