Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Kiln

I had an electrician come out to access the damage to the kiln and determine what actually happened the night the main 200amp breaker was tripped. As you can see by the picture of the burnt wiring inside the wall socket, we had an arc of electricity. Apparently, the screws that hold the wiring in place will over time be vibrated loose by the electricity running through. As you can see in the picture, the screw that is attached to the burnt area of wiring is out much farther that the other two screws, this caused the arc and power surge. I now have to have the wall socket , the power supply cord to my kiln, the wiring running from the socket to the breaker box, and the 60 amp breaker inside the breaker box replaced. I am waiting on the shipment of the power supply cord to arrive before having the electrician come back out. Once the replacements have been made, I hope to have a working kiln again. I am however unsure if the elements were damage. A resistance test can determine if any are bad or will need replacing sooner than later.

Fall Show Schedule

Since my kiln tripped out a couple of weeks ago with some important pieces in it, I have successfully gotten them refired by other fellow potters. I needed all those pieces to make into jewelry for my fall show schedule and a wholesale account.

On Sept. 26th, I will be in Winston Salem NC at the Historic West End 4th biennial juried ArtsFest 2009 from 10am til 5pm. This years event promises to be an artistic experience like none other. Come enjoy an afternoon of the highest quality art, food, music and fun available in the state.

On Oct. 4th, I will be in Greensboro NC at the 7th annual Art in the Arboretum in Lindley park from 1pm-6pm. Fifty regional artists have been gathered in an outdoor art gallery selling jewelry, pottery, metal sculpture, glass, paintings, and mixed media just to name a few. Come by and say Hi.