Friday, December 11, 2009

Catch up

Since my last blog, I have been very busy with life. Overwhelming at times. Let's back up to Thanksgiving week. It was my birthday, my turn to sing in the praise team at church, my husband's uncle passed away on Sunday the 22nd of November from complications due to tongue cancer, and someone was very interested in our house, which we have been trying to sell. If they were to make us an offer, we were going to have to find a place to live and get out of "Dodge" in two weeks. Needless to say they chose another house. After that week, I went to the big craft festival we have annually the weekend after Thanksgiving, went to a wholesale show and picked up some really neat striped agate beads that will look great as pendants in some new designs and  I spent some time making a few snowflake ornaments for my etsy store and preparing for my last show of the year.

During all this time, I have still had to go to choir rehearsals for our upcoming performance at my church. Each year we have a big production. This year we have around 480 participants in our performance. They include choral, orchestra, and drama. We will have three shows this weekend. In fact, tonight is our dress rehearsal. I understand that it will be video taped this year and may also be available for podcast. I will post a link if that is made available.

Next week I will be preparing for an etsy showcase that I will be in. I am excited that I finally got into a jewelry showcase. They sell out so fast on etsy. I will blog more about it next week. In fact, I think there even might be a sale. Check back with me, I will have new items in my etsy store.

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