Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Studio Space

Here is the picture of my studio. It is the fourth bedroom in our house. It used to be the kids playroom when they were little. After they stopped using the room for a year, I took over the space in July of '07. It all started with the "L" shaped desk that I found at a local office supply warehouse sale. It is really a receptionist desk without the bar height countertop. I also got the table with the same matching top and the two side chairs were in my husband's office until he needed to move his office into the house. (He got my old very small studio space as his office, the chairs didn't fit anymore). I have a walk in closet lined with shelving as well as the open book cases for storage.

I have divided the space up into three work zones. The computer side of the desk is used for office work, entering inventory into Quickbooks, blogging, website, etc. The other side of the desk is used for making finished jewelry. The third zone is the six foot table that is for all clay work. Rolling the clay, forming items, sanding, and glazing.  I store the glazes on the wall in the closet behind the table.


Summer said...

Nice to "meet" you:) Thanks for the glimpse into your studio space. You have beautiful work!

Tracy said...

Hi Summer,

It is nice to meet you as well. Are you a potter?

Alice said...

Sweet studio! I love the soothing colors. Thanks for showing us around.

Tracy said...


You have great looking jewelry. Keep up the great work. Don't worry about the dining room table. Use all the space you can find. I totally understand about the kids. It is a full time job all in itself.